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  • The GIFT CARD L'esplanade

    What if you could choose your own gift? With the L'esplanade Gift Card you can!

    The L'esplanade Gift Card means everyone can have the exact gift they want by offering them a wide selection of goods and services from more than 100 stores at the L'esplanade shopping center and in Rue Charlemagne.

    I buy the L'esplanade Gift Card

    I consult the balance of my Gift Card


    Birthdays, anniversaries, births, weddings, parties… you name it, the lucky person receiving an L'esplanade GIFT CARD can have all the fun of choosing the gift that’s right for them.

    What is the Esplanade GIFT CARD?

    This is a prepaid card loaded with a single fixed amount that is stored on the card itself. The L'esplanade GIFT CARD can be loaded with any amount of your choice between €5 and €500. You don’t have to spend the full amount in one go and you can use the amount loaded on the card for several purchases in different stores.
    You will find full details of the terms and conditions for the Esplanade GIFT CARD at by entering your card number.
    The Esplanade GIFT CARD operates with a magnetic strip, so there is no need to enter a PIN code – your signature is enough.

    Once activated, the card is valid for 12 months.

    There is also a choice of packaging available to wrap the gift card: envelope, gift box or gift bag.
    You will obtain all the details you need about the L'esplanade GIFT CARD from the information desk.

    Where can I buy an Esplanade GIFT CARD?

    The Esplanade GIFT CARD is sold at the information desk on the lower level of the shopping centre. Payment by debit card and credit card only. There is a €1 activation fee for the card.

    Where can I use the Esplanade GIFT CARD?

    The Esplanade GIFT CARD can be used just like an ordinary bankcard in more than 100 stores at the shopping centre and in Rue Charlemagne, as well as at Cinéscope.

    The list of participating stores is shown below.

    To download the document, click here

      Where can I view the balance on my Esplanade GIFT CARD?

    You can view the balance of your card at or by calling customer support on 010 28 09 04.

  • Baby Corner

    This recently redesigned area is located at the upper level of the shopping centre, next to the washrooms. It is divided into two zones: 

    The nursing corner - a space with 3 armchairs with armrests, for mothers who wish to nurse their babies in privacy. The space also has a changing table. 

    A space for changing your baby - o 2 changing tables with baby wipes 

    o A small toilet for children under 120 cm

    o Diapers can also be provided if you have forgotten to bring one. Please see the staff member on duty at the washrooms. 

    Free service

  • Loan of strollers

    For unforeseen circumstances, or simply because you had no room for it or didn’t feel like bringing it along, L’esplanade simplifies shopping with children by lending you a pushchair (two of which recline fully, for infants). 

    Free service

  • Children's identification bracelet

    When you arrive at L’esplanade, remember to pick up one of these bracelets at the Info desk. You can note the child’s name and your mobile phone number on it. If your child should stray from your sight among the displays, we will be sure to find him or her, and the bracelet will make it easy for our security service to contact you and return your child as quickly as possible. 

  • Family place

  • KidChen

    Situated at the lower level of the shopping centre, under the central staircase, this “kitchen’” space is reserved for parents wishing to feed their young children. The kitchen is equipped with a microwave oven, a bottle warmer, running water and high chairs. The hostess has a stock of small plastic spoons in case you have forgotten to bring one. 

    Free service 

  • Umbrellas loan

    All 30 shops along Rue Charlemagne are also part of L’esplanade, and offer you an outdoor shopping experience at the heart of the pedestrianised city, where your children will be in safety. If it’s raining, don’t hesitate to borrow an umbrella to visit the shops. The service means you don’t have to carry around an umbrella unnecessarily, but have one to hand when needed. 

    Free service 

  • Lost and found items

    Any item lost by our customers at the shopping centre or in the shops belonging to L’esplanade are turned in at the Info desk. If you have lost something, you can report it to the Info desk, leave a description of the item and your contact details, and they will contact you if it has been found. Lost items are kept for 3 months, after which they are donated to a charity. 

    Free service 

  • Mobile charger

    Has your mobile phone battery run down? Head on over to the Info desk. The hostess will provide you with a universal charger so you can recharge the phone. If we are unable to provide one that fits your mobile phone, you can always use the telephone at the Info desk to make an urgent call. 

    Free service

  • Wifi

    Wi-Fi is available free of charge throughout the Esplanade shopping centre.

  • Information desk

    This is the nerve centre of the majority of our services. 

    Situated on the lower level of the shopping centre, under the central staircase, the desk is staffed by a hostess every day when the centre is open, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and until 9 p.m. on Fridays. 
    The hostess will help you find your way through the shopping centre or in the city, and will answer any questions you may have.

    A suggestion box is also available - Feel free to leave your positive or negative comments or make suggestions. If would like us to reply, just provide your contact details and we will answer you as soon as possible. 

  • Relaxation area

    Armchairs and benches are situated at several spots throughout the shopping centre and on Rue Charlemagne, should you wish to take a little break while shopping.

  • Dry-cleaning

    Les Ateliers du Linge are located at the crossing of Rue Charlemagne and Passage Rabelais, offering both dry-cleaning and laundry services. 

  • Shoe repair and key-minute

    Shoe repair, key cutting, licence plates, punching an extra hole in your belt ?  Mister Minit offers these services, and is located on the lower level of the shopping centre. 

  • Cash

    een ING Self’Bank (‘alle bankkaarten welkom’) staat tot uw beschikking op de benedenverdieping van het winkelcentrum, ter hoogte van de informatiebalie.

  • Banks

    An ING self-bank (accepts all bank cards) is available at the lower level of the shopping centre near the Info desk.

  • Secure parking

    Secure car parks under L’esplanade and Rue Charlemagne offer more than 1800 spaces for the shopping centre and 346 for Rue Charlemagne. It features the latest system for indicating free parking spaces, spots reserved for people with a handicap and other, larger spaces reserved for expectant mothers. 

    This service is managed by a company independent of L’esplanade:

    Gespark - – 010 887 460 – Their offices are located at level -1 of the car park, on the “Moon” side.

  • Loan of wheelchairs

    You can even reserve one in advance by telephone (010 230 121) to be sure there is one available when you arrive at L’esplanade. 

    Free service

  • PRM Parking


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