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Your shop of Perfume and cosmetics KRUIDVAT at L'esplanade Shopping shopping mall

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From Monday to Saturday - 10am to 8pm - 9pm on Friday


010 45 10 62
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Kruidvat “Always surprising and affordable!”

As a low-cost drugstore, we offer our customers health and beauty products. Kruidvat at the Esplanade has a wide and varied range of affordable health and beauty products. Our store in Louvain-La-Neuve also has a surprising selection of other products that are not normally sold in health & beauty outlets, such as CDs, joys and decorative items for inside and outside the home. This range if supplemented by some exceptional special offers (such as train tickets and hotel vouchers). All of the products sold by Kruidvat combine good quality with very attractive prices.

To enable it to offer even more benefits to shoppers, Kruidvat has developed its own brand. Kruidvat at the Esplanade sells a large number of its own-brand products. Kruidvat-branded products are of good quality and come with attractive price tags. 

You’ll find your Kruidvat store on the lower level of the shopping.

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Opening hours

Opening from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm and on Friday 9pm

Phone : +32 10 23 01 21
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