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Your shop of Grocery and catering services Oil & Vinegar at L'esplanade Shopping shopping mall

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From Monday to Saturday - 10am to 8pm - 9pm on Friday


010 24 42 02

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Oil & Vinegar at the Esplanade is designed for everyone and anyone who enjoys good living. Come to our elegant stores and you’ll find all sorts of tasty culinary gifts from all over the world. Not only to we have a wide range of olive oil and vinegar, but we also sell every type of associated products that will help you prepare great food and set a wonderful table. Our products are selected with the greatest care and are often made by traditional family enterprises in their country of origin. Their authentic flavour is guaranteed and you can really taste the Mediterranean sun in our herbs, sauces and pasta. The pleasure and enjoyment begin the moment you visit our store, because at Oil & Vinegar in Louvain-La-Neuve there is always so much to discover – and especially so much to taste. Our enthusiastic staff are always ready to give you advice so that you can be sure of being satisfied with your purchase. Plus, of course, we will wrap your gifts for you in our special Oil & Vinegar way. 

You’ll find the Oil & Vinegar on the lower level of the Esplanade shopping centre.

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Opening hours

Opening from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm and on Friday 9pm

Phone : +32 10 23 01 21
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