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From Monday to Saturday - 10am to 8pm - 9pm on Friday


010 22 65 83
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What good is it if you design beautiful clothes and then you can’t do anything when you’re wearing them?

The main concern of Petit Bateau is making children happy. The clothes at Petit Bateau L'esplanade bring kids comfort, flexibility and freedom of movement.

Quality is not an empty word at Petit Bateau, where clothes are made to last. Petit Bateau tee-shirts don’t “go off”, the press-studs on the bodysuits don’t budge and the cotton stays beautifully soft, etc. The merciless quality tests at every stage of the production process, from the quality of the thread to the finished product, make sure that this is always the case.

Every item of Petit Bateau clothing is designed with the little people who will wear them in mind. We think of their needs, their comfort and their wellbeing. Petit Bateau is a brand that focuses on being rather than appearing to be – which is a value that you don’t see very often in fashion these days! 

Petit Bateau offers you pyjamas, clothes and underwear from birth for babies and children.

You’ll find your Petit Bateau L'esplanade store on the upper level of the shopping centre.

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Opening hours

Opening from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm and on Friday 9pm

Phone : +32 10 23 01 21
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